Pu Erh Tea

Pu Ehr Tea

This kind of tea has been produced for at least 800 years. It comes from a variety of tea plant with unusually large leaves, whose height exceeds 30 metres. Pu Erh is exceptional not only for its aroma and positive medicinal properties, but also for the method of manufacture. Firstly, green teas from the summer harvest are cured with steam and fungal cultures, and then usually compressed into small shapes. The teas are then stored in this form in a cool place for several months or years. By being stored for a long time, the tea matures and gains its distinctive musty and earthy aroma.

Unlike black Pu Erh, the green alternative is solely produced from the finest spring harvest, when the leaves are first treated with steam and fungal cultures. Subsequently, they are placed or compressed into small moulds. Pu Erh tea boasts an infusion of a dark brown-red colour with an earthy to smoky taste.

How to prepare Pu Erh tea: Select good pure water. Boil it - it needs to be around 95-100°C. Pour 2 grams Pu Erh tea leaves for every 250 ml. Infuse between 3-5 minutes.